Heritage Damage Assessment Demo

During my PhD, I collaborated with Ferda Ofli, Muhammad Imran, and Carlos Castillo to develop a tool that can automatically classify images of cultural heritage sites posted on social media during disasters. A demo of this tool is available on: https://aidr-heritage.qcri.org/

Crowdsoucing to Rescue Cultural Heritage during Disasters: A Case of 1966 Florence Flood

This article was published in the International Journal for Disaster Risk Reduction. You can read the article on the journal website. You can also read the article here:

PhD Defense

I defended my PhD dissertation ‘Learning from the Past and Preparing for the Future: Cases and Tools for Cultural Heritage during Disasters’ in December 2019. It was an exciting experience to present my research to the graduation committee which was composed of Iadh Ounis, Nicola Ferro, Raffaele Perego and EmanuelePellegrini. You can see my PhD […]